A. Closing the cycle

You have already walked through the thick forest of project proposal writing, project preparation and implementation, and you are ready to happily enjoy your results and move forward to climb the next mountain!

No matter how many or how serious mistakes you have made through your journey, there is one thing for sure: you are unbelievably richer…metaphorically speaking! Experience is your treasure and it is time to turn it into pure gold: knowledge, skills and capacities! You now know how to avoid the tricky parts of a project proposal and you are definitely more mature and ready to apply this knowledge to your next project effort.

Past is past and like the river, it never returns. However the future is right ahead, waiting for you, ready to welcome your ideas and initiatives. It is now time to reflect on what has happened, analyze the details and convert them into useful knowledge! And this is how you do it:

  • STEP 1: note down everything that went well, all the bright moments that ran smoothly and led to the desired results meeting no obstacles along the way. Make sure you keep notes of all the good practices you applied, so that you can easily track them down next time and repeat it. If there is enough space for it, try to even develop them further – build on them!
  • STEP 2: collect everything that you could have avoided or did not go as well as expected. Making mistakes is part of the process and the only way to improve ourselves and achieve any kind of progress. Take a step back, reconsider the tricky moments, make the needed alterations or completely exclude it if necessary.

In this process you are not alone! You are holding hands with honesty and objectivity. Be ready to give true and sincere answers to these questions:

WHAT went bad and HOW would you change it?

HOW did you react to an unsuccessful moment?

WHY did you react like this and HOW would you change your reaction?

HOW did it end and HOW could it be better?

Giving clear answers to these questions and any other that might arise along the way will arm you with the strength and power to avoid the same mistakes in the future and immediately raise your success chances in your future youth exchange project proposal!