A. It DOES ring a bell!

Reconciliation happens to be a rather multifaceted term, transforming into a broad idea that seems to much more than one occasion. Either it refers to individual disputes or conflicts among areas, regions and countries, for sure it sounds like a sacred goddess that distributes inner –and outer!- peace and serenity. It is so complex that it can be equally linked with absolving sins (!), restoring financial issues or rebuilding personal relationships! You name it!

If we try to go by the book – and Oxford Languages is definitely one we should put our trust on- reconciliation is a theoretical Mr. Jekyll & Dr. Hyde persona: “the restoration of friendly relations” on one hand and “the action of making one view or belief compatible with another” on the other. You can call it any name you like: reunion, resolution, settlement, remedying, agreement, compromise, understanding, peace, amity, fence-mending, harmonization, adjustment, balancing – we could go on forever!

If we try to put it in a wide perspective though, reconciliation could be described as an agreement between parties in dispute or any kind of adversity. Is this really as deep as it gets? What about trust, faith, harmony, unity, respect, forgiveness, normality, acceptance, tolerance – all of them words that sound strongly linked with reconciliation and its core elements…