A. Key elements – let it come natural!

Here you are, to the point that you have already shaped your project idea, reverently following out Starters’ Toolkit tips and guidelines. You are possessed with joy, anticipation and hope for the life-changing influence you are about to bring to society and at this amazing moment of brightness, you start seeing the stormy clouds that follow the king of challenges: the project proposal process! NO! RESIST! It is not time for you to be intimidated or restrained! And this is why:

Source: Pinterest – The elements quotes

Still don’t get it?

Well…maybe you need to let it come naturally – the Four Elements of Nature are here to explain and resolve every trouble:

  • FIRE a burning reminder of our own will and creative power! remember this feeling of passion and energy that ran through your veins while exploring your project idea and envisioning it coming true and shaking the waters in society? It is time to invest it all in the PREPARATION of your project proposal!
  • EARTH it grounds and holds! Emotion is great. So is passion and excitement. But who would like to stumble and fall in the process? We all know that stability is everything! We always need a solid ground to build anything on. And there is nothing more solid than pure logic. Time to create your project’s LOGICAL FRAMEWORK!
  • WATER it refreshes and revives! After such a demanding process and countless moments of working with your team, you definitely need a break! You need to take a step back, undress your role as applicants and impersonate your…judges! Step in their shoes and go through an EVALUATION’S SIMULATION process to discover any weak spots, objectively assess your project proposal and be ready to refresh and vitalize it!
  • AIR – it soothes and heals! You are so close to get over with this journey! Your project proposal is almost ready and it only needs to be slightly refined: a few details, some last minute additions and its final look is ready! The FINALIZING phase is your last stop before applying!

And now that you are aware of the Magic 4 you need to go through, let’s explore them one by one and make the image crystal clear!