You are just one breath away from your final goal: submitting the final application and your project proposal! To reach this point it is sure that you have gone through all previous steps successfully, along with the valuable contribution of your partners. We know that filling in the application form has been a demanding process, though there is not much left to do yet!

A few seconds before submitting your application, it is extremely important to prepare and attach all required documentation, especially if some of them are specifically indicated in the donor’s call. Namely:

  • a narrative description of your project.
  • a budget analysis – make sure that your budget proposal enables implementation of all planned activities and that all items listed within the budget also exist in the description of the project. It is very important to be realistic and precise during the estimation of your costs: if they are too high, you lower your chances of grant approval; if they are too low, you will get into trouble during implementation as you will not be able to keep up with all activities.
  • the agenda of your youth exchange.
  • CVs of key members of the project team.
  • the logical framework.
  • statements on partnership signed by all organisations included in the project.
  • translations of Articles of Incorporation,
  • evidence of financial capacities of organisations (i.e. excerpts from annual financial reports) etc.

This is it!

Now you only need to put all your documentation into an envelope and send it to your donor’s address!

Source: Internal