A. Proud to be an admin!

Administration is an essential part of every project and it is not meant to make your life miserable – on the contrary, it is supposed to help you! Many of us may find this job boring, unimaginative and too complicated. However, it could be a life saver in regards to the successful implementation of your project, as well as the cooperation with your current and future colleagues and partners, the users of your programs, your donors and all the people that are influenced by your work at some point.

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Well-structured and up-to-date administrative procedures can make your life easy and also help you keep your mind together when you are struggling with tasks and responsibilities overload. Therefore, try to create your own procedures and templates that you will adjust and use in more projects in the future, so that you are familiar with them and make it a valuable tool of your work. This will enable you to monitor all activities and to react quickly if necessary.

In case you wonder what kind of administrative procedures you should develop…take a look at the following examples:

ARCHIVINGreceipts contracts
invoices media reports
letters correspondence
formally informally


Precision and efficiency are the key-words – especially when you work with multiple partners from abroad. Try to avoid ambiguous information and vagueness that will probably give you trouble and inconvenient misunderstandings!