C. Why you(th)?

After acknowledging the importance of reconciliation in the conflict and post-conflict areas…guess who is once more at the heart of this process! Yes, we know you don’t need to try hard for it! YOUTH! Open minds, fresh ideas, broad horizons, pure hearts ready to welcome acceptance, tolerance, willing to embrace the different and to trample down stereotypes and prejudices, ready to experience new paths and slip away from the hurtful past, but foremost…motivated to bring positive change to society, avoid repeating their ancestors mistakes and heal the wounds of history.

No wonder why youth exchanges have proven to be aces coming out of the sleeves! Intercultural environment, international experience, escaping the safety net that every local context provides and thinking out of the box is more than enough to prove the importance of mobility in the framework of the reconciliation process.


Source: Helvetas Sri Lanka

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