Since your problem tree is already there, guess what! Time for some more…digging! Though this time, you won’t work in depth…you’ll focus your efforts in length!

It is time to transform your problem tree into a tree of objectives; re-formulate all negative conditions that you have already listed into positive statements. Don’t worry if you feel that direct translation from negative to positive statement does not make sense – it’s not you! It happens all the time and needs you to slightly modify them.

Aim of this new process is to transform problems into goals, causes into specific objectives and consequences into results of the project or the expected effects.

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Youth organizations very often do not have sufficient capacities to deal successfully with issues such as discrimination, intolerance, and reconciliation process, therefore the goal could also be defined as: to build capacities of youth organizations for processing issues of discrimination, intolerance, and reconciliation process in the region.

Let’s agree that in our example we would pick the following ideas:

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Now look at your new tree and, if necessary:

  • make some more changes in formulation of specific objectives, goals and results so that they fit into your idea or make more sense,
  • reject those that do not sound logical or in accordance with your idea, and
  • possibly add some new ones.

The final look of your tree of objectives should keep the causal relationships (“if A then B”): if you implement all envisaged steps (objectives), they will lead you to the goal and your project will produce some results i.e. changes in the society. 

The figure below represents a well-structured plan – a tree of objectives.

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Setting your final goals and objectives needs to follow certain rules in order to lead you to success. They need to be smart! Well…we meant S.M.A.R.T. – the most valuable rule in goal setting! Curious about what this acronym stands for? There you go:

Source: Hydrate Marketing “The Importance of Setting SMART Goals”

And now…


Source: FlikliTV “Achieve More by Setting Smart Goals”