D. Exchange It – The Toolkit

Have you ever tried it before? Or is it all Greek to you? No matter what the answer is, feel free to enjoy this handy tool that will give you practical information, useful suggestions, helpful proposals and other tips and ideas to make the dream come true!

Forget about complicated instructions and plain boring theory!

It is time for simple terms and enlightening examples that will make your work easy and fun and will let you unfold your creativity in fulfilling your vision!

Exchange it” Toolkit contains all the elements to help your organization to successfully implement a youth exchange and thereby contribute to peace building and reconciliation between post-conflict and frozen-conflict countries. It is time for you to shine and leave your mark in making a change!

This Toolkit will guide you from the very beginning of the youth exchange planning – defining the problems you are trying to solve and shaping the idea of action towards their solution- and through the whole process of planning your final project – preparation, implementation and follow up. It will reveal hidden obstacles and lurking risks during the realization of a youth exchange project and offer you advice on how to enhance the effects of your project, how to ensure sustainability of the results and turn the experience into solid knowledge – the most useful asset for future success!