A. What did you learn?

Learning effectively from our experience is the most important part of becoming better! It’s the chance to build knowledge, grow your skills and raise your capacities. After the curtains fall at the implementation phase, it is time to breathe deep, look back and learn as much as you can through what has happened.

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It is correctly said that happenings become experiences when you reflect on, analyze and integrate them! Past can never return, however there is a bright future ahead and a whole new present to go through the details, gain experience from your dids and finally convert it into useful knowledge!

And there is only one way to this path; note areas of note!

  • Collect everything that went well; Keep it! Repeat it! Build on it!
  • Write down everything that could have gone better; Reconsider! Transform it! Leave it out if it needs to be!

Try to be as honest as possible and remember to ask yourselves:

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Experience is the basis for change and improvement, so make sure you make the most out of this process!