C. It’s all about Youth – Exchange It!

Youth exchanges are a model of youth work that provide effective cultural exchange among young people, introduction to other national traditions, learning new competences, knowledge and skills and enhancing social inclusion. Youth exchanges give a chance to young people from different countries to meet, exchange experiences, get to know each other and learn from one another using different methods of non-formal and informal education. The most important dimension of a youth exchange is the intercultural environment that contributes to breaking of stereotypes and prejudices, building of young people’s attitudes on the phenomena in the society and adoption of values based on openness, tolerance and accepting differences. Participants in the exchange are all coming from their local contexts and they are coming back to their communities enriched by an international and intercultural experience, new knowledge, contacts, ideas and a motivation to work on changes in their own environment. 


Source: MOOC on Erasmus+ “Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) about Erasmus+ Funding

Although youth exchanges between countries which recently went through some conflict could accelerate the process of reconciliation and contribute to sustainable peace, they are rare and random, whereas even when they happen, they often remain unstructured and lead toward poor or even no desired outcomes. One of the main reasons for that is lack of capacities of main stakeholders to make them possible. The aim of this project is to contribute to the practice of youth exchanges among sensitive post- or frozen-conflict regions in Europe, such as Serbia and Kosovo, and enhance capacities of youth organizations.