B. It’s an emergency!

Although your youth exchange lasts, for example five days, you should gather your project team at least one or two days earlier, as already mentioned before. This is not only important in the context of technical preparation for the arrival of the group, but it is also an important phase of building and enhancing the team. Anyway, no matter how well prepared you are, there will probably be situations impossible to predict! Some of the most experienced event organizers shared a list of 45 things that may go wrong. Check it out – better be prepared than sorry!

Things That Go Wrong at Events
Important members are lateFood doesn’t meet expectationsSpeaker content is poor (offensive, not funny, dry, etc.)Main event contacts don’t answer their phonesEvent manager for venue doesn’t show up
Run out of foodPower outageWeatherFireTheme fell flat
Speaker gets stuck in trafficAttendee/staff/speaker flights get delayedAV company makes last minute changesThe event is short-staffedRoad blockage right before the venue
Attendees don’t show upSpeaker drops out last minuteFood is left out from the BEONot enough parkingDJ plays a bad set
Way too much leftover foodMissing event itemsScheduling is offPolitical incidentMedical emergency
Not enough break time between segmentsRooming issues (not enough rooms, last minute cancellations)Transportation mishap (falls through, late, accident, etc.)Something in the venue breaks (pipe burst, flooding, etc.)Forget to provide dietary options for food
Not enough seatsAttendees are confusedThe stage isn’t set up rightLosing attendee attentionParking is too far away
Too hot/coldCEO is unhappy in generalThe speaker goes over timeEpic linesNot enough water
Forget to share documents beforehandNot enough event space availableBar tab goes over budgetBathrooms out of order or not enough of themMore guests arrive than RSVP’d
Source: www.cvent.com

Now that you know what can go wrong at events, you’re prepared for the worst!

How can you deal with it on the spot? Consider these five-star rules:

  1. Pause before you act! A deep breath can make a difference!
  2. Accept the unexpected! After all… it shakes things up!
  3. Consult with your team! Remember: you are all together in this!
  4. Be optimistic and positive! A bright smile always lightens things up!
  5. Embrace your imperfections! Even if you don’t manage to solve the issue, there is always room for improvement! We are all humans after all!


To commit the same sin twice [is] not [a sign] of a wise man! Write down what happened, how you reacted and all other details of the incident, so you can discuss it with your team during the evaluation process! Maybe next time you can be more prepared (or more…lucky!).