B. Let’s make an impact!

After you have made all information publicly available and collected ideas of all stakeholders, it is time for action! There’s plenty you can do to ensure that you bring as much impact as possible, so your effort finally brings the positive change that your initial idea was expressing! Anyway, helping each other and learning from one another can only benefit us all! Here are some ideas:

  • help participants to shape their ideas into the form of project proposals;
  • help them with fundraising;
  • offer them the capacities and credibility of your organization;
  • create a brochure that sums up realization, conclusions and results of your project and points out the set direction for the changes in society;
  • print your content and send it to all relevant stakeholders;
  • organize a press conference at the opening of your online photo exhibition;
  • apply to new projects that will add to results of your youth exchange.
Source: Pinterest “You Where Born to Make an Impact”

The power of the mass comes in our way once more! Diversity, variety, different perspectives, skills and capacities will multiply your results in every aspect. This is why it is important to involve all actors in the follow-up process. Take advantage of what they have to offer and cooperate for the best possible outcome!

The strongest force in your quiver is no other than the youth exchange participants themselves! Invite them to give their ideas about how this material can be used best for the general goal of the project – encourage their creativity.


For example, someone may suggest initiating a regional online campaign using photos and video material from the training or write a series of articles/blog posts in order to pass on their experiences from youth exchange and thereby contribute to fighting prejudice in their communities. 

Include your organization and your partners in this brainstorming session. Go back to the project goal, analyze what you achieved by its implementation and try to agree on the future actions that would enhance the achieved effects.

Think about the ways to use the potential created by your project – give your participants the opportunity to keep working together after the end of the project.


If you ever find yourselves in a passion shortage, remember what it really feels like:

Source: TBWA\Los Angeles “Disrupt Manifesto”