A. Spread the word!

You have spent five or ten days working with a group of enthusiastic and capable young people, who acquired new knowledge and skills, you have motivated them to engage additionally in working on the issues related to the topic of your youth exchange!

The first step is to make the results and the products of your youth exchange visible. You have definitely collected a lot of “evidence” throughout your youth exchange; photos, videos, statements from your participants, drawings etc. Not sure what to do with it? Well…

  • Publish it via presentations of all organizations and institutions who were engaged in the project.
  • Share it on social media and make sure that each participant of your training can find and see these posts.
  • Communicate it via any available channels and means.

Technology is our best ally and there is only one word to help us in this task;

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G-D-P-R- alert! Make sure you have full consent of the people involved to use content which includes them!