Joining our Developers Team means that youth exchanges are a valuable tool for your work, a hidden gem in your treasure chest, that will accompany you in your journey towards bringing positive change to society! Youth exchanges in general -in conflict or post-conflict areas even more!- equal cooperation, understanding, acceptance, openness, social inclusion, intercultural environment, new competences, knowledge and skills, breaking stereotypes and prejudices -the list can eternally go on and on! Young people are the best ambassadors of these values, adding passion, dedication, energy and fresh perspectives to this puzzle that finally reveals the desired image of reconciliation and peace. If any doubting clouds blur your idea of youth exchanges and you would like to clear up the sky, do not miss to go through our Starters’ Toolkit and we can promise you this: your sun will shine brighter than ever!

As Developers, you have already had some experience in organising youth exchanges, some of them successful, others maybe a little “grey”. In any case, you have explored the process, made an effort, took a chance, risked a lot and wished for a good result. So, what exactly is this Toolkit ready to offer you? Why should it become your guide, your tutor, your ace in your sleeves?

This Youth Exchange Toolkit for Developers is created to lighten up any dark corners of your effort and support your mission towards reaching the best possible outcomes in your work! It is here to offer you tips and secrets, clarify all complicated processes, share best practices, offer ideas and solutions to any lurking troubles and equip youth organizations with knowledge and skills required for a successful planning and implementation of a youth exchange project for reconciliation.

This Toolkit is here to:

  • ensure sustainability of your organisation’s work.
  • ensure quality programs for reconciliation.
  • raise your organisation’s capacities for fundraising.
  • build your organization’s skills in project proposal writing.
  • guide you through financial management.
  • explain financial and narrative reporting processes.
  • lead you through creating milestones for successful implementation of received grants.
  • assist you in administrative procedures.

In other words…it is time to not just pray for a superhero to save you from trouble! It is time to BECOME one!

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