B. Give me a hand!

Dealing with a project of any kind cannot be a “one-man-show”, as, obviously, it is not practical that the whole team takes care of every detail. Distributing responsibilities among your group keeps everybody motivated and active, increases productivity and gets your project one step closer to success! Therefore, this matter should be a priority in your first team meeting: make an agreement on all the things that need to be done and then split roles and tasks among each other. And if this is all new to you, here are some guidelines to help you out:

  • Define a team coordinator, whose exclusive job will be to monitor the work of the team, deal with practical issues, make sure that team members are reminded of deadlines and will be the reference point of the team.
  • Determine the key players: which team members need to be involved and to what extent? Keep in mind not everyone has the same skills. Try to match the pairs and put the right player to the right position!
  • Ensure that everyone has all necessary information and conditions to do their part of the job (sounds like the team coordinators job, doesn’t it?).
  • Does everyone understand their role? Make sure to always leave an open window for further explanations and clarifications. Remember! Not everybody feels comfortable sharing their difficulties, so you need to create a sense of trust and partnership to make them open up!
  • Write down the tasks and their assignments and keep this information accessible to all team members. This will increase the sense of responsibility in the group and push them to be consistent and effective.

Follow this recipe and we can guarantee that your dish…will be super tasty!